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Kingfisher Kindergarten has a caring, friendly and qualified team of 8 highly trained and qualified individuals.  We all share the same passion to work with and enrich young children's development while in our care. We are all First Aid and Safeguard Trained.
La-Ryne van der Westhuizen

Working with young children since 2011,  La-Ryne has been the owner of Kingfisher since October 2018.  

La-Ryne is a Designated Safeguarding Lead within the setting.

Kirsty Johnson

Kirsty joined Kingfisher in April 2018 having worked in childcare since college.  She is highly skilled and trained and we are very lucky to have her lead our team. Her brilliant approach to her role is evident all throughout our setting and Kirsty always has bright and bold ideas to move us in the right direction. 

Kirsty is a Designated Safeguarding Lead and our Setting SENCO. 

Kirstie Hart
Deputy Manager

Kirstie joined our team in April 2021. She has worked in childcare since her teens and is fully qualified.  She is very nurturing and has a wonderfully calm approach with the children.

Kirstie became our Deputy Manager in January 2023.

Kirstie is a Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Sarah McEwan
Level 3 Practitioner

Sarah joined our team in March 2018 and trained at college from a young age and is fully qualified.

Sarah is a very popular member within our team and to the children.  She has a great sense of humour and brings a lot of laughter and fun to work. 

Lynsey McDonald
Nursery Assistant

Lynsey is our Nursery Assistant and a great help around the setting.  She is very popular with the children and always found playing games, reading books to the children or doing puzzles.

Karen Waterman
Qualified Teacher

Karen has been with us since February 2018.  She is a qualified teacher and has a passion for working in the Early Years. She brings a lot of diversity to the team and is a great role model to the children. 

Karen is also our Language Lead for the setting.

Carla Perona
Trainee Practitioner

Carla joined our team in September 2022.  She is a very eager learner and has begun her journey to becoming a Level 3 Qualified Practitioner. She is very friendly and has a very fun, warm and nurturing approach to her role.

Carla is our Wellbeing Champion within the setting.

Nursery Pet

Nerys is our Nursery Pet.  Nerys is a Giant African snail and the children love taking care of her, giving her a bath, spraying and feeding her.  She loves a warm bath, fruit and is particularly fond of cucumber.

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