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We really value any feedback from parents and carers and we regularly encourage feedback to improve our service. Below are some of the feedback and  reviews we have received along the way.

Naomi in March 2021

Just want to thank you.  All the little touches make such a difference.  Love the WOW moment and the way you've adjusted 'show and tell' due to COVID. Think the Wellness Week is a fantastic idea too!

Lisa in March 2021

We are so pleased that we chose Kingfisher! Staff are warm, caring and friendly and the environment is fun and homely.  We appreciate all the love and hard work that goes into it.

Lucy in March 2021

Thank you for saving our sanity in the last few months during lockdown. 

Melissa in March 2021

Thank you for making it such a happy and welcoming environment for the children.

Sali in March 2021

I think the service our children are given is extremely good, to the extent that I am no longer local and have to drive 30 minutes to get my daughter to Kingfisher, but I love it so much I couldn't bring myself to move my daughter somewhere else.

Laura in March 2020

Just to say that as a family we are absolutely delighted with Kingfisher.  My daughter loves her time there.  The staff are so attentive to each child and clearly work very hard to make each day enjoyable for the children. 10/10!

Jolie in March 2020

I like that it is a small setting, I really appreciate the way the staff handled my son when he first started and the extra support he received.

Faye in March 2020

It's great how involved all the staff are with the children. They are all genuinely interested and caring.

Jane in July 2020

We have been very happy with our son's experience at Kingfisher.  It has a wonderfully caring and supportive staff who seem to genuinely enjoy spending time with the children and going the extra mile for them. There is great communication and we only have good things to say!

Jennifer in June 2017

My son thrived at Kingfisher and would highly recommend. It's a superb setting with loads of outdoor space, perfect for energetic little ones. The ethos is learning through play in a relaxed and stimulating environment.
A delay in my son's speech was picked up at his two year review which concerned me with him starting at Kingfisher but they advised that the social interaction could be just what he needed. I need not have worried as the staff were sympathetic and understanding, they soon reassured me that there wasn't a developmental problem, he was just a late speaker. The ladies are kind, caring and nurturing. I know choosing a pre-school is a very personal decision but your child couldn't be in better hands at Kingfisher Kindergarten.

Julie in April 2016

My little boy started Kingfisher last September and I couldn't recommend it enough-it has a lovely atmosphere and the staff are all really friendly and approachable. They have a wonderful green outside space which other preschools just don't have. Highly recommend! X

Tanya in April 2016

I'm so excited to be sending my youngest to Kingfisher. He's settled in so well and is enjoying it as much as his big brother did. The fantastic and friendly staff are so welcoming and brilliant to the children and the great atmosphere in the nursery and lovely outdoor space is the perfect setting for children to grow and learn.

Claire in May 2016

My daughter has absolutely loved her time at Kingfisher & is thriving. The staff, atmosphere & setting are all fabulous. I cannot wait for my youngest to start in September. I would highly recommend.

Hayley in March 2021

Kingfisher is such a lovely nursery, the staff are all lovely and I wouldn't want to send my children anywhere else.

Emma in March 2021

My son absolutely loves Kingfisher and looks forward to going every day.

Julie in March 2021

Really love the daily FB updates, very helpful to see what activities are being done daily

Jess in March 2021

All the ladies are fab, friendly and always helpful.  My son loves everything about Kingfisher!

Ellie in March 2021

My 3rd child is currently attending Kingfisher.  All of my children attended and I can honestly say that the setting and service now is the best it has ever been and the best EYFS provision I have ever experienced as a mum. I never worry about my child when they are with the KF team.

Janine in March 2021

Just a massive Thank you! You are an effective, responsive, caring, motivated team.  New learning fun for the kids daily.

Caroline in March 2021

We are so pleased with the pre school education our daughter receives. Such a caring and nurturing setting for her to develop in before she starts school.

Charlotte in March 2021

A huge thank you for being so kind and giving us lots of confidence in leaving our son with you.

Claire in March 2021

We just want to say a massive thank you.  The love and friendship you show my daughter is fantastic.  It makes us feel happy and reassured that we are sending her to a place full of lovely people who are for her & make her smile.

Sheena in March 2020

I'm really pleased with the standard of care my daughter receives. The quality of the staff is brilliant and better than any other childcare setting I've used.

Naomi in March 2021

Excellent Pre School, excellent staff, excellent activities, communication, flexibility, approachable, reliable, consistent. AMAZING.

Deborah in March 2020

We are so happy with Kingfisher.  We love the fact that all the staff are so lovely and caring, the children get to go on walks, bake biscuits and attend extra classes.  We feel like all the staff really know our child.

Nicola in March 2020

Thank you to everyone who has helped my daughter settle in so well. You make it easy for her and me and I know she is so happy and well looked after.

Laura in March 2020

Just to say that as a family we are absolutely delighted with Kingfisher.  My daughter loves her time there.  The staff are so attentive to each child and clearly work very hard to make each day enjoyable for the children. 10/10!

Janine in March 2020

Dream Team!  Thank you, Kingfisher is a really supportive team who always willing and available to give 100% to the children.

Ellie in March 2020

The staff at Kingfisher make it such a wonderful learning environment for the littles ones, its like a home away from home.  They work so hard and are adored by the children.

Tiffany in March 2020

We are so happy with Kingfisher. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly.  We can't thank everyone enough, this has been the best place for our daughter.

Monika in March 2020

I cannot praise enough the staff in the nursery. They genuinely care about and know my child.

Alice in February 2019

My son has been going to kingfisher for just over a year now and has always absolutely loved it! (He gets upset on the days he’s not going🙈) all the staff are so lovely! I couldn’t recommend it highly enough x

Janine in February 2019

Today she stays at home with me but she was most put out about this.....! She asked me 5 times or more if she could go to school, then throw a wobbly when I explained that it was a mummy day, all she wanted to do was go to school!

What a turn around!

Thanks to the amazing team!!! Well done Ladies!!

Super impressed 5 🌟 service!

Sarah in February 2019

Wanted to say what an excellent job I think everyone at Kingfisher is doing. My son has flourished since he started and since the move to the new building and Kirsty taking the day to day management things seem to be getting better and better. My son has been having a wobble every morning I drop him off, I think it is a phase and by all accounts he is very happy as soon as I'm gone and he has started playing.  All the staff without exception have been wonderful helping to get him interested in an activity in a kind caring manner so I can leave and he can start enjoying his day at Kingfisher.  This kind of approach has been very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!!

Laura in June 2016

Magical place. Both my son and now my daughter love the place. All the workers are fantastic and it is a wonderful environment for children.

Emily in July 2017

My two oldest boys have gone to kingfisher and both absolutely loved it. Very caring environment

Katy in Aug 2020

My son has spend 2 years at Kingfisher Kindergarten and I couldn't recommend it highly enough! The staff are all amazing! They are caring, friendly and provide such fantastic activities and experiences for the children. As well as the care for the children being outstanding the communication and support for the parents is second to none.  Thank you for everything!

Laura in February 2019

Just to say we are delighted with how Gracie is getting on at nursery. She absolutely loves coming in and loves telling us all about her day. We couldn't be happier with Kingfisher, thank you to you and the team for being so brilliant with the children

Naomi in February 2019

My son wakes up every morning and asks "am I going to pre school today". He loves his pre school days and his character has really come on lately. Thanks to you and all the staff for all your hard work.

Amy in April 2016

I have loved sending my children to Kingfisher Kindergarten because of the happy, friendly staff, the warm and homely atmosphere in the nursery itself and the wonderful outside area where the children can run around and be happy doing whatever it is they love to do X

Bethan in April 2016

Wonderful pre school with a great open space for children to play and learn. The staff are all very kind and caring and do their best to make each day interesting and varied for the children. Can't rate this place more highly.

Sean in June 2016

Phoebe loved her taster session yesterday. She's been telling me about all the fun she had, how nice all the helpers were, and she can't wait to go back.

Lucy in August 2017

5* Staff are amazing so caring and helpful.
Both my children have gone here and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sarah in April 2017

Lovely pre school with a forest school where they truly care and look after the children

Salome in June 2017

My son started a little after he was 2, he has had a great time there. The staff are just the best, thank you for everything u have done for Borna, he is going to miss u all very much.

Nazim in December 2016

Love Kingfisher Kindergarten, only the best for my grandchildren.

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